• Demo_Reel
    Click here to see a demo of our 4K digital restoration!
  • Blog - Flood Films Recovery
    Read about Flood-Damaged Film Recovery on the CinemaLab Blog!
  • The Music Box
    Restoration of Laurel and Hardy's "The Music Box" by CinemaLab!
  • Nitrate

    Nitrate Film Preservation, Shipping and Storage

  • Vinegar

    Film Preservation including Vinegar Syndrome and Safety Film Decomposition

  • C Printer

    Wet and Dry Gate Printing

  • Pete

    Wet and Dry Gate Printing

  • Nitrate

    Nitrate and Safety Film Repair

  • Nucoda

    Digital Color Grading for Film Mastering and Image Preservation

Film Preservation

The Cinemalab is the only preservation-centered photochemical lab. We specialise in nitrate and saftey film decomposition, vinegar syndrome, severe film tears, perforation breaks and shrinkage. More

Film Processing and Digital Scanning

As a full photochemical facility, Cinemalab offers pristine film processing and 2k and 4k scanning to help your project, old or new, look truest to the artist's intent. More

Digital Remastering

Whether you'd like precision film mastering for your feature, or to repair fading, mold, dust, dirt and scratches in classic films, it's possible with our digital color mastering system. More

Optical Printing

Our Oxberry 35mm optical printer allows us to recreate lost titles and effects. Call for more.

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